EVOLUTION 2.0 Socks (Black/Grey) 131773T Coreevo Socks 36,00€ 16,00€

Lightweight and breathable high performance sock. Reinforced toe, heel, sole and instep panels. Specially designed to withstand the toughest conditions, protecting the most sensitive parts of the foot.

Coreevo FOLD-2.0 Visor (Orange/Black) 139026 Coreevo Visors 14,00€ 5,00€

Coreevo Fold 2.0 visor made of ultralight, quick-drying material. The visor can be easily folded for storage in a pocket or backpack without taking up space.

FULL PERFORMANCE long socks (White/Red/Black) 131722 Coreevo Socks From 19,90€ 6,50€

Long and compressive sock ideal for running, trail-running and outdoor sports in general. Reinforcements in toe, heel, sole and instep panels. Soft compression. Made of Dryarn polypropylene. Maximum comfort and breathability. Fast dry.

Ultralight K-LITE Socks 131745 Coreevo Socks From 7,50€ 4,20€

Ultralight short sock made of Dryarn Polypropylene. Toe and heel reinforcement. Maximum comfort High breathability and quick drying. Avoid the appearance of bad smells.

FAST-LACES reflective elastic shoe laces 280001 Coreevo Elastic Shoe-Laces Triathlon/Running From 7,50€ 4,10€

Self-adjusting elastic cords ideal in Triathlon transitions. It incorporates reflective bands. It is supplied in a bag containing two units. Firm closure to prevent loosening during the race. 8 colors to choose.