Ultralight Running Shirt LEGEND Orange/Black

Ultralight T-shirt (100 g) made with the innovative DSF (Dinamic Square Flow) fabric that accentuates breathability while making it extremely fresh and comfortable. Very nice touch and incomparable drying speed ..

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With the new LEGEND T-shirt, Coreevo® is consolidated in the production of outstanding quality technical garments focused on achieving maximum lightness, breathability and comfort for the athlete.

On this occasion, a light t-shirt made with a high performance textile in terms of breathability has been designed. This is the DSF (Dinamic Square Flow) fabric formed by a network of small squares perforated in its perimeter, granting a sweat ejection channel to the outside that covers any area (abdomen, chest, back, shoulders, ..).

To support this fabric, a microperforated fabric of low weight has been used on the sides that helps improve breathability in the critical areas of the armpits and laterals.

The DSF weave, based on a state-of-the-art polyester, offers a soft and comfortable touch, avoiding chafing on the skin and especially the nipples. To ensure maximum comfort, only flat seams have been used.

With a weight of just 100 gr (size M), it is positioned as one of the lightest and most comfortable technical t-shirts on the market, perfectly suitable for use in hot climates or indoor training.

  • DSF fabric (Dinamic Square Flow)
  • Maximum breathability
  • Soft touch fabric. Eliminates skin irritation
  • Bacteriostatic tissue, prevents irritation and bad odors
  • Side microperforated ventilation panels.
  • Ultra fast drying
  • Flat seams. Avoid chafing
  • Ergonomic
  • Weight: 100g (size M)
  • Four sizes: S - M - L - XL

80% polyester DSF

20% Microperforated Polyester